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Network Cabling 
Unorganized Network Cabling (Spaghetti)

Businesses running a slow network will be less productive. Staff or management might get frustrated when there are constant disconnections on the network because it lacks the proper network cabling infrastructure. A properly designed network cabling solution will reduce overall infrastructure costs and ensure it runs to the optimal level. It will also provide flexibility to grow and change over an extended period of time.

Choosing Network Cabling Categories

There are several categories of ethernet network cabling you need to be aware of. The higher the category number the better the speed, as a rule. The categories currently go up to CAT6a. Categories 6 and 6a are far superior, although CAT5e is still used at times particularly to bridge short gaps where it wouldn’t greatly compromise speed.

Lower category cabling may also be used if there are budget constraints within your company. Or if data transfer requirements are relatively low, and therefore there is no harm with going for the cheaper option.

Category 5e Network Cabling 

Category 5e cable is designed to support full duplex fast operations at gigabit ethernet speeds. CAT5e cable is typically used for ethernet networks running at 100Mbps or 1Gbps. Cat5e cables may have a longer delay for the signal to get from one side to another, which will give the appearance that it runs slower. This is because it runs off of a 24 gauge copper wire, which is thinner than the CAT6 cable.

Category 6 Network Cabling 

Category 6 cable are designed for higher speeds and longer distances. It usually has a thicker gauge solid internal wire, which helps with faster transfer speeds within the local network. The CAT6 cable uses a 23 gauge wire, although there are some CAT6 cables on the market that are 24. These specifications all depend on the quality of wire that will used.

Category 6a Network Cabling 

Cat6a also being 23 gauge, is considerably thicker then Cat6. Cat6a will do 10Gigabit per second networking for the full distance of Ethernet, which is 328 ft. Cat 6a also reduces the crosstalk among the pairs, which further reduces the delay in the cables. If you have no cables thats over 120-150 feet, then Cat 6 will also give you the option for a 10Gigabit network. For many of our clients, Cat 6 cables are perfectly fine.

Which wires do we use?

About 90% of the time we use CAT6 550Mhz cables on a 23gauge solid wire. At times depending on the project we will either be using CAT6a for 10Gigabit speeds or fiber wires after determining the distance. The choices come down to what you will do in the end, how long you will be at your current building, and of course your budget. Feel free to also check out what some of our customers had to say about our services on our Yelp.

Foreseeing the Future

It goes without saying that it’s important to keep future technological developments in mind when designing any network cabling infrastructures for your home or office.

No one foresaw twenty years ago that wireless connections or fiber network cabling would be common. With that said it is always good to think ahead and prepare you & your company with the proper setup it needs.

Your network needs to be ready for all possibilities. Here at Tech Guys we can help to advise on future developments, and on strategies in order to be a step ahead.

Professional Network Cabling

About 60% of the time, the cause of downtime on a network is due to network cabling problems.

Fortunately with Tech Guys on your side, your business can not only function correctly, but also exceed the industry standard without any difficulty.

Let us design and implement network cabling systems, no matter how challenging the job gets.

Planning our present is good, but foreseeing our future is great especially with new technology coming out on market everyday. As a computer IT company, we make sure that the network we build is future proof and to make it easy for when you need to make changes to your system. Three main solutions for a proper network foundation is uptime, cable management and keeping your network organized.

Our custom designed network cabling solutions, will improve your business productivity. Contact us today and change your network cabling for good.


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