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Welcome to Tech Guys Computer Services Our company specializes in all fields of Computer Services. Let us handle all your computer needs for your business. We provide on site contracted IT services also, whether you are looking to hire our


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Computer Repair Services we offer Here at Tech Guys we offer the following computer repair services for your home or business. Computer Repair ✓System Optimization ✓Troubleshooting ✓OS Install or Repair ✓Virus or Spyware Removal ✓Install or Repair Hardware ✓Upscale Networking


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 Computer Networking Department   Are you looking for a company who has the experience in building your very own server room, whether its for your home or business. Our computer networking specialists provide support to business clients of all sizes.


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Most common computer troubleshooting solutions Below is a listing of commonly asked computer questions and answers for basic computer troubleshooting steps. These issues commonly effect the operating system, software programs, and computers hardware. Keep in mind that this is just


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  This company is absolutely amazing!

Special shout out to Sean, he gave me an amazing rate for setting up 5 static IP's, and he even took time out of his own personal time to advise me on which router and equipment fit my needs best.

What really set him apart from the rest is that he called Spectrum ON MY BEHALF to help me set up static IP's and internet connection, and he helped me cut my costs too.  That was completely unnecessary of him, but, he did it anyways.  

Besides Sean's technical expertise and great customer service, he's just straight up a very likeable guy; that goes a long way in my opinion.

 From now on Tech Guys are the only people I'll be going to for any IT related issues, and I'll specifically ask for Sean every time as long as he has the time of course lol.

thumb David K.

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