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Welcome to Tech Guys Computer Services Our company specializes in all fields of Computer Services. Let us handle all your computer needs for your business. We provide on site contracted IT services also, whether you are looking to hire our


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Computer Repair Services we offer Here at Tech Guys we offer the following computer repair services for your home or business. Computer Repair ✓System Optimization ✓Troubleshooting ✓OS Install or Repair ✓Virus or Spyware Removal ✓Install or Repair Hardware ✓Upscale Networking


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 Computer Networking Department   Are you looking for a company who has the experience in building your very own server room, whether its for your home or business. Our computer networking specialists provide support to business clients of all sizes.


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Most common computer troubleshooting solutions Below is a listing of commonly asked computer questions and answers for basic computer troubleshooting steps. These issues commonly effect the operating system, software programs, and computers hardware. Keep in mind that this is just


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  If you're looking for quality customer service in IT Services where they take the time to walk you through the process, explain to you what it is that they will be doing before they do it, and  help make sure your costs aren't greater than your needs, then Tech Guys are the guys to look for.

Sean and his team spent an entire day to make sure our office was wired for ethernet the way we wanted it to be. Before beginning the process of drilling holes and running wires through our office, they planned everything out to make sure that everything is hidden and clean. They made it their priority to make sure the wiring is done in the neatest possible way. Our office has the exposed ceiling look and with about 15 wires that are needed through the space, we can't even tell the wires are there!

After the wires were in place, Sean went through each port to make sure they worked. And throughout the entire process he thoroughly explained what it is that they will be doing and how they will do it.

Sean also helped my office set up a networked server. Before he left, he wanted to make sure every single computer was properly connected and working. He also gave consultation on different ideas and practices on server management, IT security and even wire management. Just goes above and beyond.

Exceptional service and a great team to work with. 10/10 highly recommended.

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